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European Conference
on Eye Movements 10
September 23, 24 and 25, 1999
Utrecht University, the Netherlands

At ECEM 9 held in 1997 at Ulm (Germany), the scientific committee of ECEM offered the Helmholtz Institute of Utrecht University to organise ECEM 10. We are pleased to announce that ECEM 10 will take place September 23, 24 and 25 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Scope of Conference:
The ECEM series began with a conference organised by Prof. Rudy Groner in Bern (Switzerland) in 1981. Since then, nine biennial ECEM's have brought together scientists of different backgrounds and disciplines, who shared a common interest in eye movements. ECEM covers many aspects of the oculomotor system: neurophysiology, behavioural studies, modelling, information processing, applications, measuring techniques.

Format of Conference:
There will be oral presentations, poster discussions, and invited lectures. Manufacturers of eye movement recording and analysis equipment are invited to exhibit their products.


Applied Science Laboratories
Dr. Bouis Company
Iota AB Eyetrace Systems
LC Technologies, Inc
SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH
Skalar Medical BV

Invited speakers:

H. Collewijn (Erasmus University)
J. Epelboim (Stanford University)
J.M. Findlay (University of Durham)
B. Fischer (University of Freiburg)
C. Kennard (Imperial College London)
W.M. King (University of Mississippi)

Conference Overview

Abstracts listed by topic

Abstracts listed by author

Local organising committee:
Prof. dr. Casper J. Erkelens & Dr. ir. Evert-Jan Nijhof

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